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Q: Can I drive after having my eyes dilated?

A: Because dilation blurs near vision and driving requires primarily distance vision most people feel safe driving after dilation.  However, if you do not feel safe driving after dilation please make appropriate arrangements to get home after your exam. Dilation will make your eyes more sensitive to light so be sure to bring some sunglasses with you.


Q: If I want contact lenses can I use my glasses prescription to get them?

A: No, a contact lens fitting is necessary.  Because a contact lens is a medical device that contacts your cornea and the underside of your eyelids it must be fit to your eye to avoid the complications of a poor fit.  The necessary power of your lens can be different with contacts as well.  One reason for this is that the contact lens sits on the front surface of the eye, whereas the lens in a pair of glasses is about 1.5 cm in front of the eye.  Insertion and removal training is also necessary for first-time contact lens wearers.


Q: I have diabetes.  How often should I have my eyes examined?

A: Diabetics should have their eyes examined once a year to check for signs of diabetic retinopathy and more frequently if they already have retinopathy.  Diabetic retinopathy is one of the more common complications of diabetes and is potentially blinding.  It is important to diagnose diabetic retinopathy early so that steps can be taken to save your vision.